First 100% virtual ICE71 Accelerate programme

Date: 05 May 2020

Our first 100% virtual ICE71 Accelerate programme had kicked off! The fourth cohort of the programme took place from 7 April – 25 June.  Here’s a quick look at each of the startups in cohort 4!



Origin: Australia
Co-founders: Simon Robinson, Stephanie Robinson

The Assimil8 tool, IDRIS provides decision makers with easy to read visual representations of large complex data sets. ASSIMIL8 makes data analysis more accessible by reducing the reliance on specialist expertise. The product we have developed, known as the Intuitive Data Relationship Inference System (IDRIS) can be used to quickly evaluate the risk context and threat of an individual cyber event or can be used continuously to review a complex network to identify threats.

In conversation with Stephanie Robinson, CEO


Origin: USA
CEO: Valentin Bercovici

Chainkit is a cutting-edge technology that detects invisible threats, dramatically reduces dwell time from months to minutes, and delivers absolute system attestation.

Anti-forensic techniques are silently tampering with indicators of compromise, extending dwell times into months. Forensic artifacts lack attestation of integrity for investigators to use in determining attribution. These conditions put organizations at unacceptable risk of undetected cyber attacks, as well as out of regulatory compliance. Chainkit for Splunk and Elastic is the first solution to focus exclusively on the previously invisible 39% of undetected cyber security attacks. Results include less cyber damage and stronger regulatory compliance, supporting lower insurance premiums, in an era of universally increasing cyber risk.

In conversation with Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO


Origin: Israel
CEO & Co-founder: Avi Bartov

Gamasec utilizes the newest and most advanced technologies to stop cyber-attacks via websites reducing cyber insurance exposure GamaSec is a pre-breach tool which enables small and mid-sized businesses to combat and recover from cyber attacks. By using cutting edge virtual hacker technology to identify and eradicate dangerous malware threats and website application vulnerabilies reducing cyber insurance risk and exposure.

In conversation with Avi Bartov, Founder and CEO


Origin: United Kingdom
CEO: Mitali Rakhit

FuzzLabs, their first product, can be used to identify a wide range of issues, not only native software flaws, such as memory corruption. It is possible to test web applications and web services, find problems such as unhandled exceptions, issues related to performance, and a lot more.

In conversation with Mitali Rakhit, Co-founder and CEO


Origin: USA
CEO & Founder: Sudesh Kumar

Kapalya empowers businesses and their employees to securely store sensitive files at-rest and in-transit across multiple platforms through a user-friendly desktop and mobile application. This ubiquitous encryption solution protects all your corporate data by seamlessly encrypting files on end-points (computers/mobile devices), corporate servers and public cloud providers. With Kapalya, users have the ability to share encrypted files across multiple cloud platforms.

In conversation with Sudesh Kumar, Founder and CEO


Origin: USA
CEO: Sujeesh Krishnan

Kinnami is an end-to-end data security firm that equips organizations to secure, proof and audit sensitive information at rest and in-transit in data-sharing applications Kinnami is an end-to-end data security firm that equips organizations to secure, proof and audit sensitive information at rest and in-transit in data-sharing applications. It’s core product, AmiShare, uses distributed and encrypted storage to secure and protect confidential data across devices and users everywhere. Data is broken into fragments, encrypted, and distributed across a network of servers, devices and the Cloud. AmiShare strictly audits access to data and secures data right where it is created or stored ensuring that data is protected even as it moves.

In conversation with Sujeesh Krishnan, CEO


Origin: USA
CEO: Alessio Mauro

neoEYED helps banks and enterprises to reduce frauds just by looking at the way users interact with application and devices neoEYED is a Behavioural AI. A fraud detection/prevention solution that recognise the users just by looking at “how” they interact with the applications and type their passwords. The result is a secure, frictionless, layer that continuously monitors the behaviour of the users and protects them from any unforeseen frauds without asking for any additional permissions or personal information. Invisible, simple, secure!

In conversation with Alessio Mauro, CEO


Origin: Singapore
Head of Ops: Rohan Sood

Scantist is a local cybersecurity startup focused on managing open source vulnerabilities and improving compliance on the application level Scantist is a cyber-security spin-off from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) which leverages its deep research and expertise to provide vulnerability management solutions to enterprise clients.

In conversation with Rohan Sood, Head of Operations

Olympus Sky

Origin: Poland
CEO & CTO: Bart Shields

Olympus Sky Technologies (OST) has developed a new way to think about cybersecurity, up-ending 30 years of static, heavy certificate-based solutions such as PKI. We have implemented this technology into a product suite that we call Zeus. Zeus is used to secure complex supply chains, from cradle to grave, as well as providing secure communication, including authentication of both hardware and virtual (electronic images/software) assets. Best of all, the product is simple to understand and simple to use, requiring no skilled administration or IT security experts.

In conversation with Bart Shields, Co-founder, CEO and CTO

Watch cohort 4 startups pitch at ICE71 Accelerate 4 Virtual Demo Day

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