Industry Call for
Innovation 2022

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford
Can your start-up help end-users solve cybersecurity problems that they don’t even realise are problems at all?

If you have:

  • An innovative challenge statement with no corporate adopters yet
  • New ideas to solve old cybersecurity problems
  • Unresolved pain-points that impact an entire industry

…we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for exciting, first-in-the-world, cutting-edge problem statements to bring cybersecurity in Singapore to the next level.

Through the Call, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) works with End users from MNCs, Institutes of Higher Learning, Government Agencies and more to understand and define mid to long term cybersecurity challenges and opens these for the industry to innovate on. Projects that meet CSA’s evaluation criteria may be funded up to S$1M for the co-development of cybersecurity solutions. ICE71 is a proud supporter of this initiative powered by NUS Enterprise and TNB Ventures.

Drop us an email by 15 April to get an info kit or set up a meeting.