Network, learn and grow with like-minded people who have interest in cybersecurity. ICE71 Community members get access to a variety of cybersecurity opportunities in our ecosystem – whether it’s a knowledge-sharing event, networking event, opportunity to showcase your cybersecurity skills, or others – there is something in cybersecurity for everyone. See our events and activities here.

Why join ICE71


Enjoy access to our leading and diverse network of cybersecurity enthusiasts including investors, corporates and mentors, spanning Singapore, Asia and globally.


Attend free knowledge-sharing events and activities that will broaden your knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and cybersecurity entrepreneurship.


Grow your network and knowledge that will help you advance in the cybersecurity industry. Meet potential customers, investors, and peers through ICE71 Community activities.

Who should join ICE71 Community?

Anybody with an interest in cybersecurity should join ICE71 Community.

You could be:

  • a seasoned founder of a mature cybersecurity start-up,
  • a CISO who is looking to stay ahead of the curve on the latest cybersecurity innovations,
  • an SME leader aiming to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity posture,
  • an astute investor seeking your next great investment,
  • a fresh graduate or mid-career professional looking to explore a career in a cybersecurity start-up,
  • a member of the media searching for story ideas and expert opinions from the cybersecurity start-up world, or
  • simply a cybersecurity enthusiast.

We welcome you to join us!

Does it cost anything to
join ICE71 Community?

Joining ICE71 Community is free for individuals. Members get invites to many complimentary events and activities by ICE71 and our partners.

ICE71 Community members come from diverse backgrounds with a common interest in cybersecurity. In addition to start-up individuals, our community comprises people from corporates, SMEs, IHLs, government agencies, peer ecosystems, and more.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact us for more information.

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