In conversation with Valentin Bercovici of Chainkit, an ICE71 Accelerate 4 startup

Date: 10 Jun 2020

We caught up with Valentin Bercovici of Chainkit, a member of ICE71 Accelerate’s fourth cohort.

Q: Tell us more about yourself.

I am Valentin (Val) Bercovici, Founder and CEO of Chainkit, based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Q: What inspired you to start your startup? What is your goal or dream for your startup?

What inspires me every day is about levelling the playing field for victims of cyber crime and attacks – creating the next great cybersecurity company!

Cybersecurity has an existential crisis around the stealth of attacks. Privileged (admin or root) accounts are easily abused by malicious insiders and external bad actors alike. And with those escalated privileges, they execute their attack chains and cover their tracks with impunity. Balancing the canonical C-I-A Security Triad/Triangle with stronger integrity solutions for deep (military-grade) tamper-detection, solves this existential crisis.

At Chainkit we want to leverage absolute integrity to deliver the power of Provable Computing to the IT/OT industries. All layers of the computing stack (from transistors in processors to OSI L1-L7) only execute mathematically provable code, processing only authenticated data. All tampered code or data is immediately detected and isolated. This is the ultimate extension of the zero trust concept – beyond identity, endpoint and custom network segment.

Q: What is the problem you want to solve with your product or solution? Tell us more about your solution.

39% of cyber attacks are reported undetected by broad customer surveys – only during post-mortems by forensic investigators. Chainkit for Splunk and Elastic reduces undetected attacks by adding early visibility to deep tampering via military-grade detection of anti-forensic techniques. Before the attacks, Chainkit detects more insider threats, reduces dwell times, improves attribution and maximizes integrity monitoring for compliance.

Q: Who might find use for your solution?

Chainkit is a horizontal solution with a USD $1 billion addressable market today. We prioritize our sales on the most attacked industry verticals (government, financial services and healthcare). We offer specific value propositions for security analysts, threat hunters, compliance officers or auditors, and digital forensics investigators.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most being a part of the ICE71 Accelerate programme?

The cybersecurity focus of the program is first-rate. The breadth and depth of industry-specific feedback we are receiving from customers, partners, investors and mentors is materially improving all aspects of our business, from sales and marketing, all the way to product development.

Additionally, the professionalism of the ICE71 and CyLon teams have been outstanding. Particularly their seamless transition from a traditional in-person program to a 100% virtual version of it.

Watch Chainkit pitch at ICE71 Accelerate 4 Virtual Demo Day on 25th June!

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