ICE71 Singapore Cybersecurity Startup Community Map 2020

June 25, 2020

ICE71 proudly presents our 2020 Singapore Cybersecurity Startup Community Map, the latest (and greatest yet) version of it!

We’ve been continuously working hard to scour our island nation for cybersecurity startups – in this version of the map, we found 139 unique startups within the cybersecurity and associated fields, including endpoint security, cloud security, network security and IoT security.

Out of these 139 startups, almost 50% of the cybersecurity startup community are in our ICE71 Inner Circle! 

You will also see our ICE71 Accelerate Cohort 4 startups on this map.

With more tech-savvy and nimble cybersecurity startups entering the space, launching new products and offering superior solutions, we continue to look forward in supporting and strengthening the cybersecurity community in the region.

Let us know if you spot missing ones or would like to be listed on the startup map!