Highlights – Govware-ICE71 Startup Pitch Pit 2022

Date: 01 Nov 2022

The Govware-ICE71 Pitch Pit our showcase stage for ICE71 Community start-ups at the Govware Conference, where professionals and experts from across the globe convene annually for the Singapore International Cybersecurity Week.

The purpose of the Pitch Pit is for participating companies – Responsible CyberXRATOR and Protos Labs – to receive real-world feedback for further validation of their solutions.

This year, all three pitching companies showcased solutions for Cybersecurity Risk Assessment in a friendly competition before a panel of esteemed judges. The judges were:

– Cheri Lim – CISO, Temasek
– Will Klippgen – Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital
– James Chong – Senior Director, NCS Innovation Hub
– Pang Tzer Yeu – Head of Information Security, Mediacorp

Each start-up had the opportunity to deliver a full pitch + Q&A, followed by a final quick fire question round by the judges.

The winner was announced by Rayson Ng, Programme Manager at ICE71, after careful deliberation and feedback from the judges. Congratulations to Protos Labs on winning the 2022 Govware-ICE71 Start-up Pitch Pit!

Thank you to all pitching companies who had made thorough preparations for this stage, the judging panel for their thoughtful comments and assessment, the Image Engine team who co-organised this event with us, and everyone who supported, cheered and participated in the pitch pit. Until next time!


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