GovWare x ICE71 Startup Pitch Pit 2021

Date: 07 Oct 2021

The 3rd run of the GovWare x ICE71 Start-up Pitch Pit was held on 7 October, 10AM as part of the GovWare Conference and Singapore International Cybersecurity Week 2021. For this special edition, promising cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs from the ICE71 Community pit against each other as they pitched their solutions to a panel of infosecurity industry veterans, showcasing how AI is the next frontier of cybersecurity.

Missed it? Watch it below and stay tuned to find out who the winner was!

Benson Lau – Customer Success Director, Zencode (Hong Kong), Commitee Member, Hong Kong Startup Support Group
Claudia Marcusson – Strategy & Innovation Lead at SC Ventures, VC Investment advisor in Europe & SIngapore
Tony Jarvis – Security Principal at Citrix, CISO Advisor, vCISO
Guy Marong – Managing Partner, Cubic Consulting, Cybersecurity Consultancy in Luxembourg, Europe

Participating companies
TAU Express – Incorporated in 2018, TAU Express started as a spin-off from the SPIRIT Smart Nation Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). TAU Express helps organisations unlock value and insights from massive amounts of documents using advanced AI techniques. Its document analytics platform is capable of parsing, extracting and categorizing unstructured documents to enable intelligent search and analytics, resolving complex productivity issues and help companies achieve digital transformation.
SecureAge Technology – Headquartered in Singapore, SecureAge Technology’s AIpowered Asset-based Cyber Defence (ABCD) serves as a Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) solution, bringing together application control, cloud malware scans, vulnerability assessment, and seamless encryption of all files in one enterprise solution.
Flexxon – Founded in 2007, Flexxon Pte Ltd is a leading industrial NAND flash storage solutions provider that delivers a range of versatile advanced memory storage solutions, most notably its X-PHY AI embedded Cyber Secure SSD which leverages on its patented firmware to analyze the data access patterns to detect any anomalous attempts through AI and machine learning. With a key focus to serve Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, and Automation (CIMA) applications, Flexxon is dedicated to delivering robust data security solutions.
InsiderSecurity – Established in 2015, InsiderSecurity is an award winning, cybersecurity deeptech company based in Singapore. It develops specialized cybersecurity products that discover the internal cyber threat early, before there is any serious data loss. InsiderSecurity’s technology is especially useful to detect sophisticated threats such as SolarWinds.
Amaris.AI – Amaris.AI strives to advance humanity with trustworthy cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity products, which determines AI model robustness against adversarial attacks and explain predictions. Amaris.AI offers a range of intelligent automation, AI cybersecurity and embedded AI hardware products for its clients.

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