BLOCK71 Global Startup Runway 2023 – ICE71 Start-up Pitches

Date: 12 May 2023

This is not a Demo Day is a culmination of the intense training received during BLOCK71’s Global Startup Runway programme. As part of the Singapore cohort, five ICE71 start-ups finally presented their cybersecurity solutions and business pitches to investors, corporates, government and institutions to secure funding and support for their exciting journey ahead!

Cohort 5 Startups have been mentored on Unit Economics, Funding, Branding, Impact, Product and Scaling by:

  • VCs from Cocoon Capital, Wavemaker Partners, Touchstone Ventures, AC Ventures, Kejora Ventures, Finch Capital, Farquhar Capital, Do Ventures, Atlas Ventures
  • Technical Experts from B Lab Singapore, Pencil Group, Growth Marketing Studio, Brandspace Advisory
  • Fellow entrepreneurs from Allo Bank, Bobobox, Xurya Daya, Genetica, Eden Farm, nafas, TechinAsia, Pinhome, SYNthesize, SentinalOne, Selly, Republic
  • Tech Corporate division Leads from STRIPE, Alicloud, Byteplus, AW

Are you interested in discussing potential opportunities with these teams? Reach out to to get connected!

Missed the event? Access the programme booklet here and watch the pitches below.

Aires Applied Technology
Founders: Lim Meng Liang, Ken Lin

Focus: Quantum-Resistant Encryption

Aires A.T has proprietary tech in Post-Quantum Data Encryption coupled with AI, to replace encryption standards today. Their novel methods of data protection form a robust & efficient security infrastructure for clients of varying needs, both individuals and organizations.


Numen Cyber Technology
Founders: Chris Zheng, Nolan Wang, Dr. Simon Xie

Focus: Web3 Threat Detection & Response

Numen Cyber focuses on Web3 project security audit, on-chain threat detection and response, digital currency tracing and Web3 threat intelligence.


Founders: Andy Ong

Focus: Cloud SASE Network Security

“Axisnow is the first alternative to Cloudflare. Axisnow uses the SASE and zero-trust network model to provide distributed employees, B2B upstream and downstream partners, and B2C customers with secure access to websites, applications, APIs, and the Internet. They have built a secure access unified cloud which allows companies to build a modern secure access network in minutes from a single panel, securely opening any resource to any user for quick access.”


Founders: Curtis Chan, Johnathan Lee

Focus: Identity Access and Management (IAM) for Digital Transactions

PolyDigi is an Identity Access and Management (IAM) start-up that make digital transactions safer and smoother with its user friendly multi-factor authentication.


Founders: Andrew W. Sallay, Dr. Dmitry Mikhaylov

Focus: Operational Resilience for Maritime & Drones

Reperion assures operational resilience across sea, land, and air by securing the hardest assets to defend from cyber and drone attacks.

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