ICE71 Accelerate Cohort 2023

Date: 12 May 2023

Meet our latest ICE71 Accelerate start-up cohort!


Aires Applied Technology
Founders: Lim Meng Liang, Ken Lin

Focus: Quantum-Resistant Encryption

“Aires A.T has proprietary tech in Post-Quantum Data Encryption coupled with AI, to replace encryption standards today. Their novel methods of data protection form a robust & efficient security infrastructure for clients of varying needs, both individuals and organizations.”

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Numen Cyber Technology
Founders: Chris Zheng, Nolan Wang, Dr. Simon Xie

Focus: Web3 Security

“Numen Cyber is developing an On-Chain security platform to help web3 applications to avoid being attacked and causing asset lost with multiple security methodology and security ecosystem.”

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Founders: Andy Ong

Focus: Cloud SASE Network Security

“Axisnow is the first alternative to Cloudflare. Axisnow uses the SASE and zero-trust network model to provide distributed employees, B2B upstream and downstream partners, and B2C customers with secure access to websites, applications, APIs, and the Internet. They have built a secure access unified cloud which allows companies to build a modern secure access network in minutes from a single panel, securely opening any resource to any user for quick access.”

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Founders: Curtis Chan, Johnathan Lee

Focus: Identity Access and Management (IAM) for Digital Transactions

“PolyDigiTech is an award-winning cybersecurity Identity Access and Management (IAM) start-up that makes digital transactions safer and smoother with its user friendly and comprehensive multi-factor authentication.”

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Founders: Andrew W. Sallay, Dr. Dmitry Mikhaylov

Focus: Operational Resilience for Maritime & Drones

“Reperion assures operational resilience across sea, land, and air by securing the hardest assets to defend from cyber and drone attacks.”

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