In conversation with Alessio Mauro of neoEYED, an ICE71 Accelerate 4 startup

Date: 08 Jun 2020

We caught up with Alessio Mauro of neoEYED, a member of ICE71 Accelerate’s fourth cohort.

Q: Tell us more about yourself.

I’m Alessio Mauro, from Italy, CEO at neoEYED, a US based company.

Q: What inspired you to start your startup? What is your goal or dream for your startup?

I hate security and especially “passwords”! They are just stressful and a nuisance and… why are we using them yet, despite all the advancement in biometrics? My dream since I started this company was to simplify security and get rid of passwords once for all.

Q: What is the problem you want to solve with your product/ solution? Tell us more about your solution.

neoEYED reduces up to 99% of digital identity frauds by using an invisible technology: behavioral recognition. We built a Behavioral AI, an AI trained to recognize the users just by the way they interact with their web/mobile applications.

It’s an invisible security layer that protects the users, without making any change in the user experience. More security, less stress.

Q: Who might find use for your solution?

Banks and fintech applications are the one who would really need these solutions to protect their users’ accounts, besides, any enterprises (including banks), regardless of the verticals, always need this solution to protect frauds inside coming from the employees or hitting them.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most being a part of the ICE71 Accelerate programme?

Being us in the virtual program we haven’t got the chance to live Singapore and all ICE71 events, but the team at ICE71 have always connected with relevant people and events to be in the startup scene.

Watch neoEYED pitch at ICE71 Accelerate 4 Virtual Demo Day on 25th June! 

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