ICE71 Startup Responsible Cyber Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

Date: 08 Sep 2023

Congratulations to homegrown ICE71 startup, Responsible Cyber, on being awarded the Cyber Essentials certification by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). Read the press release below.

Responsible Cyber, an illustrious graduate startup from ICE71’s pioneering program, announced its triumphant attainment of the coveted Cyber Essentials certification, setting a benchmark for cyber excellence in Singapore’s vibrant digital landscape.

This milestone isn’t just an emblem of Responsible Cyber’s commitment to safeguarding the digital realm, but it heralds a clarion call to other SMEs. The achievement underscores their role as a beacon for businesses, big or small, demystifying the often complex web of cybersecurity.

Responsible Cyber’s luminary Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Magda Chelly, shared profound insights, “We advocate for robust cybersecurity practices, and to resonate with authenticity, we put ourselves to the test. By achieving the Cyber Essentials mark, we’ve showcased that prioritizing cyber health isn’t an exorbitant task but a feasible journey for every enterprise.”

Beyond certification, Responsible Cyber’s ethos champions continuous evolution. Wayne Yan, Project and Compliance Manager, remarked, “While the certification outlines the foundation, the true essence lies in ceaseless adaptation. Our guiding compass? Safeguarding entrusted data and fostering a culture of resilience and innovation.”

In a world where digital threats loom large, this certification, introduced by CSA in 2022, stands as a testament to a firm’s dedication to mitigating common cyber vulnerabilities. However, Responsible Cyber stresses it’s the starting line, not the finish. Dr. Chelly avers, “The digital realm is ever-evolving. While we’re honored by this certification, our eyes are already set on the horizon, ensuring we remain at the pinnacle of cyber readiness.”

Co-founder Mikko Laaksonen eagerly shared the company’s forward momentum, “As we celebrate today’s accomplishment, our sights are already set on the next milestone: the Cyber Trust mark certification.”

As cyber threats evolve, Responsible Cyber emerges not just as a guardian but an inspiration. Their certification journey beckons SMEs to rise to the challenge, fortifying themselves in this digital age. Their story is an affirmation: Cyber readiness is not a luxury but a necessity, accessible and achievable.

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