ICE71 celebrates Women in Cybersecurity

Date: 16 Sep 2020

This month, ICE71 celebrates amazing women in cybersecurity across the world and in our community!

In support of International Women in Cyber Day on September 1st, ICE71 was proud to have collaborated with Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s “SG Cyber Women X Series”. We had a live panel session on 17th September featuring 4 very inspiring women who have taken the leap of faith into the cybersecurity start-up world:

    • Magda Chelly, Founder of Responsible Cyber;
    • Kopal Agarwal, VP Business Development at Uniken;
    • Andrea Thniah, a recent Responsible Cyber intern;
    • and Mitali Rakhit, CEO and co-founder of Guardara,

together with moderator Sharon Ko, security expert from Microsoft.

Each panelist shared what it takes to thrive in the cybersecurity start-up world and valuable lessons learnt along way.

Only about 25% of the world’s cybersecurity workforce are women, according to a recent ISC survey. More can be done to tip the scale of diversity, and ICE71 will continue to support a diverse cybersecurity workforce.

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