Taiwan Cyber Startup Showcase 2019

Date: 05 Sep 2019

ICE71 is pleased to partner with Institute for Information Industry(III) from Taiwan to showcase 3 Taiwanese cyber startups TeamT5, iMobile Mind, and ArcRan on 5 September 2019.

Linda Schindler, ICE71 Programme Head started off the evening session with an introduction to ICE71 and our programmes, followed by III’s introduction. III is Taiwan’s think tank for the country’s digitalisation initiatives. It supports digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

Each cyber startup then gave their respective pitches, sharing the latest cybersecurity innovations and insights across the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Application Security and Mobile Security.

Team T5 is a cyber security company dedicated to cyber threat research and solutions. Team T5’s Sung-ting Tsai (TT), said, “Our threat-hunting endpoint scanning tool can give fast results in 5 to 20 minutes. We help our clients uncover hidden threats through our extensive research of understanding hackers, i.e. we provide cyber threat intelligence.” Later he said, “The mindset here is ‘Don’t trust. Always assume a security compromise.’ “

iMobile Mind is an innovative and global technology firm, offering smart solutions for clients to manage operations and communications through Mobile Information Platform (MIP) and mobile security technology. CEO of iMobile Mind, Shao Kang Chin, said, “Our solution can be installed on intranets, enabling data on-premise rather than on cloud servers, which is why we have clients from the likes of the government agencies, financial services and medical institutions who require data secured on-premise.”

ArcRan is a venture firm focusing on internet security and cybersecurity products. IT security theft is a risk in the age of Internet of Things (IoT), where devices are interconnected and more prone to vulnerabilities than ever. ArcRan’s technology can detect suspicious activities and report them to appropriate channels. Stating a common example, Angie from ArcRan said, “At airports and local premises, where free wifi is available for customers, a hacker can attack a WiFi access point, create a fake WiFi, and then steal customer data through this fake WiFi. Our sensor technology can detect this and inform premise owners accordingly so that they can bring down the fake WiFi. “

When asked about the difference between cybersecurity ecosystems in Taiwan versus Singapore, TT said,”Firstly, the cybersecurity market isn’t that big in Taiwan, so in terms of revenue, we are limited and that is why we are looking abroad to grow. In Taiwan, however, we have the cybersecurity talent. For Singapore, I think it’s easier to get the investments, and there is a lot of government support. These are helpful for startups.”

There was a networking session thereafter where everyone had a chance to make new connections, bounce off business ideas, and talk about cybersecurity developments.

Everyone had a great time connecting with members of the cyber community and learning about the latest cyber innovations from our Taiwanese friends!

Check out event photos here: https://bit.ly/2m2WtWs

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