Date: 27 Apr 2018

On Feb 23, 2018, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, noted that “Singapore is digitalising in many areas to improve lives, but this also means that we are becoming ever more interconnected and vulnerable to cyber-attacks on a wide range of targets. Cybersecurity has never been more crucial to ensuring Singapore functions smoothly and safely.”

By March 5, 2018, Singtel’s Innov8 and NUS Enterprise launched the Innovation Cyber Security Ecosystem at Block71 (ICE71). ICE71 dedicates itself to helping startups prosper in the cyber security space.

Aside from funding (for equity) of around 20 to 40K SGD, startups benefit from three ICE71 programs: Inspire, Accelerate and Scale.

Inspire is a 5-day boot-camp for participants.  The boot camp will help participants test and qualify cyber security business concepts. According to Edgar Hardless, Innov8 CEO, It is open also to non-Singaporeanstartups. (I “Double confirmed” this.) This program should start around May 2018. Each batch (cohort) will take in around 8 to 10 startups.

Accelerate, is a 3-month accelerator program. It will equip early stage start-ups with financial, business structure and go-to-market strategies. This program helps progress their business. This should start around June 2018.

Scale is for later stage startups. It provides market access to  grow the start-ups and scale their businesses in the region.

If you are interested to apply go visit their website at

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