ICE71 featured on CNA’s “Secret Wars: Conflict in Cyberspace”

Date: 29 Mar 2020

Watch the 2-minute ICE71 feature from 34:59 onwards!

Featured ICE71 leaders:
Edgar Hardless, CEO of Singtel Innov8
Prof Chee Yeow Meng, Associate VP, Innovation & Enterprise, National University of Singapore

Featured ICE71 Inspire 4 participants:
Terrence Tan, Jennie Duong

Episode summary:
Cyber & physical worlds collide as cyber attacks damage nuclear facilities and kinetic attacks provoke cyber attacks. As cyber warfare lacks rules, blurs war & peace and endangers civilians, the world needs new international laws, alliances, and enterprises to grapple with state-led cyber attacks. Singapore is marshalling its youth and innovation to grow a cyber defence ecosystem.

Watch this Secret Wars episode on CNA’s YouTube channel.

About the Secret Wars series: Cyberspace is a hidden battlefield where nations wage secret wars. Nations use cyber operations to steal information, spread falsehoods, puppeteer societies into conflict and disrupt the infrastructure, businesses and services we rely on. In today’s interconnected society, no one is safe from cyber warfare. This series explores the ways countries can be held hostage in the face of cyber terrorism.

Source: CNA


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