Who should apply?

Anyone with an interest in cybersecurity and a desire to contribute to the creation of a cybersecurity product, service and/or company should apply. We are looking for people with entrepreneurial flair and spirit, and who are committed to exploring a career in cybersecurity. We welcome applications from individuals at any stage of their career.

Do I have to be technically trained?

Technical expertise is not a necessity for this programme. Cyber innovation is deeply technical at a product level, but it takes all sorts to run a successful business. In the long run, it will help you to have some technical understanding, but ICE71 Inspire is about forming teams and crystallising ideas. If you learn fast and are interested in the cyber market, we welcome your application.

What is ICE71 Inspire?

ICE71 Inspire is all about building a cybersecurity talent pipeline for Singapore. Through its activities, it aims to inspire individuals to further hone their skills in cybersecurity – as well as to provide a nurturing ground for those who want explore ideas around cybersecurity entrepreneurship – and more.