CISO Perspectives Series: On Policy & Compliance; Investigations & Forensics


Get up close with our featured CISO, Stuart Mort as he shares his perspectives on policy and compliance, and investigations and forensics to combat security threats of today and tomorrow.

Stu is a veteran in the cybersecurity landscape and has 25 years of experience working in Security, from Special Duties operational work with the British Government through to heading an international security consultancy team, and then spending 12 years as Oracle’s Global Vice President of Information Security, a Global CISO role with the group reporting independently to President-level with full cross-corporate oversight; a fully independent Line of Business and not a sub-set of a technology team. As Optus’s CTO Cyber Security, Stu brings extensive experience to help Optus partner with their customers as a subject matter expert, trusted advisor and thought leader to aid in addressing the security threats of today and tomorrow.

This session is moderated by Jonathan Phua, Director of InsiderSecurity, and award-winning Singaporean cybersecurity company. Jonathan has more than 10 years of deep technical expertise in cybersecurity from both government and private sectors. Prior to InsiderSecurity, Jonathan was in DSO National Laboratories for 12 years, where he develope innovative solutions for tough cybersecurity problems in national defence.